Khorasan Power Engineering Consultant Company (MONIRAN)



Khorasan power engineering consultant , "Moniran" is of the the companies affiliated to ministry of energy . This company was founded in December 1992 and became fully active in September 1993 making  use of khorasan regional electric company's experienced experts .

Then it was gradually developed and recruited new experts due to steadyincrease in volume of work and No. of projects so that employees holding university degrees B.E or higher build up the technical staff of this company at present. Utilizing this rich technical force in a very homogeneous and  friendly atmosphere together with correct planning has fortunately made the company able to present engineering services for numerous projects in electrical power and electrical industry within the country and is presenting these services to many projects currently through out the country .



Moniran in IRAN




   Types of activities


         Installation of power generation , transmission and distribution comprising power stations , small  scale  generating units, transmission and subtransmission lines and substations , comprehensive urban subtransmission and distribution plans as  well as administrative , commercial , industrial military and sport sites.

         Installation of dispatching and power communication systems in distribution subtransmission and transmission  grids and large industries.

         Installation of grid and electrification of enormous industrial factories such as cement,steel , foundry , mine,traction , communication ,water, sewage and other related industries.

          Installation  of  grid  and  electrification  of oil , gas , petrochemical  and  related industries as well as building infrastructures for these industries.

          Installation of grid for interacity and intercity electric traction.

          Installation of  residential , administrative , educational , sport , commercial , industrial , military  and  cultural ,recreational buildings and complexes with  building intelligent  management system (BMS).

         Feasibility  studies  and  providing  Justifying  plans  and reports (technical ,technical-economical, financial,) and supervision over comporting of operations and resource Consumption in plans.

         Power system studies and analysis of transmission subtransmission networks , engineering services on power transformers as  wall as studies of renewable energy sources.

         Value engineering studies prior to executional operations of projects and technical and technical-economical feasibility studies for investment on power generation, transmission  and distribution schemes.

         Consumption management services , auditory, optimization and energy loss reduction.

         Plan management services for power and other industries.




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